Observations strongly suggest that cells within a tissue divide asymmetrically and are spatially entangled in their environment. Most importantly, these characteristics are always present in malignancies where the differences of chromatin in daughter cells produce a variegated gene expression in cancer.

The knowledge that cancer cell division is asymmetric and daughter cells are non-identical in terms of their chromatin (epigenetic) and gene expession affects the understanding of cancer cell behavior. Ultimately, chromatin differences directly relate to trascription where daughter cells feature between 2000 and 3000 variations in genes, which results in a highly asymmetric and heterogeneous gene expression in cancer. Therefore, the implication that asymmetry exerts on the understanding of cancer leads to significant increases in the complexity of each respective cancer being researched.

During future work, the significance of epigenetic chromatin asymmetry will continue to be explored by observing functional differences cells of the same tissue and the variability of cancer cell lines in terms of heterochromatin and the methylation of DNA.

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