Ultralight Histology is the for-profit, sister-company of Bi-Biomics. Ultimately, Ultralight Histology is a practical application of the Bi-Biomics philosophy where the histological advancements were preceded by a deep and thorough understanding of structural biology and the interactions of each compound.

Rather than a complete systematic overhaul, the results offer an optimized and modernized approach to tissue processing and light microscopy. Ultimately, the Ultralight approach consists of a series of optimized steps and uniquely engineered products each designed to yield flawless slides while seamlessly integrating into a lab's existing protocols. The Ultralight Pristine Artifact Preventer is the cornerstone of the Ultralight method; it is a stain pretreatment that effectively manages the release of excess formaldehyde thereby eliminating the primary cause of artifacts.

At Ultralight Histology, the goal is to efficiently and cost-effectively make top tier histology available to any lab, whether in a commercial or research setting.

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